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Free Application — Apply today to grow your family through adoption!

Adoption Sermon — Adoption is one of the key pictures of our relationship with God. What does this picture communicate to us? Why is adoption so instrumental? How should this affect how we live? This sermon by Voddie Baucham shows the beautiful picture of adoption as given to us by Genesis 48.

Learn All About Adoption — Have you thought about adopting a child but don’t know where to start? We provide free informational webinars to help families learn more about how they can be blessed through adoption.

Birth Parents Seeking Adoptive Families — A current listing of birth parents who are seeking adoption information and adoptive parents for their babies and children.

Adoption Home Study Report — A special free report that explains the adoption home study requirements and answers the simple question, “What is a home study?”

Ask the Adoption Expert — Ask your pressing adoption questions directly to adoption expert, Mardie Caldwell.

The Adoption Process is a True Walk of Faith — You can take comfort with each passing day, understanding that time brings you closer to the realization of your dreams to be an adoptive parent.

Inspirational Thought for Adoptive Families — If you are discouraged in your adoption journey, this scripture verse may help.

11 Steps to Realizing Your Adoption Goals — A must-read for every Christian family looking to build their family through adoption.

Frequently Asked Questions — Answers to common adoption questions.

The Sacrifice of Love Made by Birth Mothers — A good article to read to gain insight into the point of view of a birth mother’s adoption process.

Stressed Out? Help is Close By! — Be encouraged and strengthened in your daily walk.

Making Your Child Thirsty…for God — Guide your child in their journey to know God.

A Lesson from the Garden — Take a few moments to think and pray about the areas of your life you have neglected or ignored that could use some clearing away to make room for new growth and blossoms in your life.

Affording Adoption — Financial resources for adoption.

Successful Lifetime Families — Celebrate with families who have recently adopted.

Promise Keepers Online — Christian Men’s group dedicated to uniting men to be passionate followers of Jesus Christ.

Pray America Live — Nationwide radio show encouraging prayer.

Children are a gift from God.
Psalm 127:3

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His unchanging plan has always been to adopt us into His own family...through Jesus Christ. Ephesians 1:5 NLT