Our Ministry

Christian Adoption OnlineChristian Adoption Online exists to provide free quality services to birth families seeking assistance in an adoption for their child or children into a Christian family, with a large selection of waiting Christian families to select from.

We provide Christian families with resources to assist them in finding the help they need to build a healthy Christian home for a lifetime.

We believe in ethical business practices with attention to details in our care of our clients. We offer the highest levels of integrity and excellence in our adoption services for those we serve.

What We Believe

We believe the Scriptures in the Bible are the inspired Word of God and that a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and to the life-principles contained in the Bible provide us salvation. We encourage education in Christian living and uphold family values, provide biblical principles, spiritual guidance and encourage making “family” a priority in their lives.

We support, protect, and enhance Christian family values. It is our desire to come alongside with you to encourage and help you strengthen your faith, enrich your family life, guide you to a peace and fulfillment in your adoption, and enhance your life and that of your child.

Our Website

On our site, you will be introduced to our Christian adoption services. Pregnant women and birth families will learn about the types of adoptions and families available. This will allow you to choose both a loving family and whatever services you are in need of and comfortable with. Adoptive families will gain support and inspiration and will have the opportunity to seek more information on building their families through the blessing of adoption.

We also provide a great deal of other valuable information and resources related to Christianity, Christian parenting, education, media, and more.

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