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A Letter from Sam & Meg

We are blessed that God chose to have our lives cross paths. We would love to share our love, lives, and family with you! Adoption has never been our second choice. Before we were married, we both felt God was calling us to adopt. At that time, we had no idea we would face the battle of infertility, but that is now part of our story.

Our son was an unexpected miracle born in August 2018. Now we look forward to adding to our family! We hope to have an open adoption with you. Pictures, emails, calls- everything under the sun will be considered. We would love for this to be an open and fluid conversation with you.

About Us

We met at the University of Arkansas where Sam graduated with a masters degree and Meg graduated with a bachelors. Sam played college baseball and Meg became his biggest fan. We got engaged on our trip to Dublin, Ireland after 5 years of dating! We had our first biological child, Logan, after 4 years of marriage.

About Sam Through Meg's Eyes

Sam is a serving and loving husband. He cooks, cleans, and takes care of me when I’m in need. He loves our son and me fiercely. Sam gets to work with athletes, coaches, and administrators in his position as a regional sales manager at a sports company. He enjoys gardening, writing, and reading. Some of his favorite genres are fantasy, Sci-Fi, Non-Fiction, & Historical Fiction, but really he will read just about anything!

The biggest thing I have learned from him is how important it is to have open communication. These qualities are something I admire and look forward to teaching our children. He is an amazing father and looks forward to sharing his love of sports with little ones.

About Meg Through Sam's Eyes

The first thing one notices about Meg is her smile. It’s an open invitation – a perfect representation of her beautiful, open, daring soul. Meg is strong and affectionate, courageous and charming. She challenges herself by creating maps and marketing materials at a retail development company. She challenges me intellectually and socially every single day.

She loves to travel, play games, listen to podcasts, sing at the top of her lungs, take part in yoga and graphic design. I’m endlessly grateful for her and I love seeing her as a mother – she’s the best one imaginable!

Family & Traditions

Your child will have 1 brother, 2 sets of grandparents, 3 aunts and 3 uncles, and 8 first cousins. We were blessed with a family who will do anything to help and support one another. Every one of them is overjoyed to welcome your child into our family and is looking forward to sharing our family traditions with them!

Every Independence Day our family meets at the lake house where we all go on boat rides, wakeboard, put on the neighborhood firework show, sing, and dance! We are excited to be able to embrace these moments with our kiddos!

Labor Day is our newest tradition. We plan a trip to Colorado and enjoy some time to relax and decompress together with nature.

Every Thanksgiving, we travel to Illinois to meet with the family and the trip wouldn’t be complete without our stop at Whitey’s Ice Cream.

For our family, Christmas starts the day after Thanksgiving. Our traditions include Painting, boarding the Polar Express Train with the family in our PJ’s and making cookie-dough (Popop’s recipe) while watching Christmas Vacation and repeating every word.

Our Home in Texas

The second we stepped foot in our house, we knew this was where we wanted to start our family. It is a beautiful 3-bedroom house that we have made our own.

We live in a diverse neighborhood with a park, splash pad, swimming pool, and basketball court. We consider ourselves lucky to live in an area with some of the highest rated schools in Texas.

Every day we come home to our two dogs – Biz, our 10-year-old Boston terrier, and Royce our 9-year-old lab mix. They love being together, enjoy playing with kiddos and are ready for us to add to the family.

We Promise

    • To tell our children his/her adoption story from day one
    • To always respect and speak highly of you
    • To have fluid communication about expectations of open adoption
    • To love and cherish each moment with our children
    • To continue educating ourselves and our family about adoption
    • To give our child every possible opportunity
    • To keep your heritage alive and embrace it
    • To teach our children about the Bible, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit
    • To inspire individuality and independence
    • To raise our children in a loving, forgiving, and sometimes messy home

To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Sam & Meg

  Sam Meg
Our EducationMA in CommunicationBachelor of Science and Education
Our ProfessionsRegional Sales DirectorOperations Manager
Stay-At-HomeNo, unless the opportunity presented itselfNo, unless the opportunity presented itself
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Sam & Meg's Favorites
Favorite Mythical CreatureNessie (Loch Ness Monster)Sasquatch
Favorite HolidayChristmas4th of July - Independence Day
Favorite BookThe Secret HistoryBetween the World and Me
All-time Favorite TV ShowParks and RecPsych
Favorite HobbyReading books of almost every genreGraphic Design
Favorite Place to VisitColoradoOur Lake House near Austin
Favorite Thing to CookSteelhead TroutSam's risotto
More About Our Family
Why did we choose to have an open adoption?

While we’ve always had adoption on our hearts, we haven’t always fully understood what adoption truly looks like. When we had our first conversation about adoption, we both agreed that a closed adoption would be best for us and our family. We were wrong. We’ve spent countless hours listening to podcasts, reading books, and heeding the advice of birthmothers, adoptees, and adoption advocates. There’s only one conclusion – an open adoption gives us, the birth mother, and our child an incredible opportunity to build a healthy and loving relationship. We truly believe that open adoption is the best way to give our child the most complete sense of their personal identity, keep you up to date on milestones in your child’s life, and eliminate the gaps in our knowledge of our child’s health and wellbeing. Open adoption would be an ideal scenario for us, and we hope we can find that with you.

How will we handle the intricacies of of a blended family?

First and foremost, our children--adoptive and biological--will know their stories, and in turn, know each other’s stories. Our children will inherently have unique perspectives, personalities, and histories based on the fact that we’ll have at least one adopted child in our home. We’re excited about the opportunity to embrace our differences and celebrate the complexities of a blended family.

What type of relationship do we hope to have with you?

We hope you will be family! We are going to be connected forever because we will share a loved one. We have heard wonderful stories of birth mothers and adoptive families and can only hope and pray for an honest and open relationship with you. When times get hard, we will get through them. Whatever kind of love and support we can offer, we will. This is new territory and there will certainly be a learning curve. We know with some hard work we can make our relationship great... and that's perfectly fine with us!

How do we deal with conflict?

We have been open communicators for a long time. We learned quickly that discussing the things that bother us, rub us the wrong way, or hurt us is best dealt with by talking about them immediately. We love each other dearly, but we are no perfect angels (nor do we pretend to be). Our character is shown by how we handle these differences and the conflicts that arise from them. We talk to one another with love and respect even when we are mad at one another. We think these qualities are something to be proud of and are great to show our child(ren) how to handle their own conflicts.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 years old


Yes, we are open to twins! Twins run in our family. We have aunts, uncles, and cousins who are twins (identical and fraternal). We would love to add to the mix.


Boy or girl! We have no preference. We will just love on him/her!

Future Contact with Birth Family

We would be honored to have future contact with the birth family. This can be a fluid conversation. We would love to have an open and honest relationship with the birth family!

In Closing

We count ourselves blessed to have the opportunity to meet you and hear your story. Adoption has been on our hearts for as long as we've known each other and we're ecstatic to be able to share in this adventure with you!

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