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A Letter from Noel & Caitlin

We always had adoption in our hearts and felt that one day it would be part of our story. We have prayed, discussed, and planned for this since the early stages of our relationship. We are so grateful that we both feel passionate about adoption and promise to love and care for your baby unconditionally and wholeheartedly. We are excited to become first-time parents to a baby boy or girl and share our joy for life with them. Your baby will always be surrounded by warm hugs, fun experiences, and new opportunities. We are open to visits as well as communication via phone, text, and photos!

About Us

We met through mutual friends over 15 years ago and reconnected when Noel got back from tech school for the NAVY. We started dating soon after and were married in 2015. We have taken the time to become great partners and built a strong foundation for our future family. We are fortunate to have stable, successful careers that allow us the flexibility to be home 3 or 4 days throughout the week. In our free time, we enjoy traveling, exploring new places and foods, and pouring into our relationships with others by spending quality time together. We value time and experiences over things and look forward to instilling the same sense of adventure and kindness into our kiddo.

My Husband, Noel

Noel enjoys fishing, golfing, going to local sports games, and getting his haircut at his favorite barbershop. He loves to play and have fun and makes me laugh CONSTANTLY! One of my favorite things about him is his calm outlook on things, no matter the situation. He has an amazing ability to create this sense of peace and make you feel like you haven’t got a care in the world. Noel is the backbone to our family and will always put someone else’s needs before his and that’s why I know he will be a great Dad. He will make out child feel happy, protected, and accepted all through life. He most looks forward to teaching our child valuable life lessons, how to play their favorite sport, and seeing the joy on their face when they learn something new.

My Wife, Caitlin

Caitlin is my best friend and has so much love within her. She is able to handle the complexities that come with being in an interracial relationship with grace and that’s how I know, no matter what race or ethnicity our child is, she will love them.  She always enjoys helping others and being with family and close friends. Last year, on her days off, she even started substitute teaching at our nephew’s school. They LOVE seeing her and she really enjoys being a part of their world. She is also a wonderful artist; from decorating for parties to painting a free-hand mural in a spare bedroom- her creative mind is what makes our home so beautiful and warm. Caitlin is caring, patient, forgiving, calm, and loving… all traits I know will make her a wonderful mother. She’s eager to teach our child about giving, acceptance, and encouraging them to be creative, free-thinkers.

Our home in Illinois

Our home was actually built by Noel’s parents back in the late 1990s, so we have A LOT of memories here! It’s an adorable two-story that has pale yellow siding, black shutters, a big front porch, and sits on a corner lot. We have two fruit trees, a large fenced-in backyard, and an awesome patio for BBQ’s. Our friends often say it’s very ‘homey’ and welcoming. There are 4 bedrooms and a finished basement so there is plenty of room for our family to grow, friends to stay, and kids to play.  Our two pups, Pogi and Sunshine,  enjoy it and have their own ‘house’ in our mudroom. We are excited to raise our child here, just like Noel was, and continue making precious memories.

Our Family, Friends & Lifestyle

We are grateful to have many close friends and extended family nearby. We enjoy entertaining and having them over for BBQs, sporting events, and many celebrations. They are excited and eager to offer us so much love, support, and guidance as we begin our adoption journey. Your child will have many friends and cousins to grow and play with for years to come. We are excited to include them in our annual Christmas Eve party, Christmas breakfast, and Halloween Bonfire! We look forward to celebrating their Birthday Bash! We LOVE throwing parties and having everyone gather together!

Our Promise & Values

Throughout our partnership, we have valued our ability to accept others, our courage to pursue our dreams, and our immense love for one another, our families, and our friends.  We promise to teach your child these same values. We will be here to support them, love them, and encourage them, even on the hard days. We promise to make them laugh every single day and always tell them who/where they came from. Together, we can give your baby an amazing life; filled with wonder, admiration, and courage. We promise to be your village and look forward to getting to know you.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Noel & Caitlin

  Noel Caitlin
Our EducationMilitary Training / Education Bachelors in Psychology
Our ProfessionsAnalystSales/Marketing
Our Racial BackgroundAsian - FilipinoCaucasian
Some of Noel & Caitlin's Favorites
Holiday:Christmas- the Holiday parties at our house Halloween- driveway bonfires with the neighbors
Tradition:Going to play games/arcades on our anniversary Candlelight service on Christmas Eve
Vacation spot: The PhilippinesSo far, the Philippines
New traditions we are excited for: Our child's birthday celebration! Visits with our child's bio family (if desired by Birth Mama)
Fun Fact about me: I can fix anything with YouTubeI would love to be on Broadway or be a comedian
We're excited to teach our child:About other culturesA second language
Unpopular opinions:I love Spam! I love real paperbacks, not e-books
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We love to travel, hang out with our friends and family, and give back to our community. Each year we try to go on at least two trips; one to see family, and one to see someplace new. We are lucky enough to have family in many different cities which allows us to explore new places, foods, and cultures all while experiencing it with those closest to us. While at home, we like to go to local festivals, concerts, and art and craft fairs. In our free time, we also volunteer with local animal shelters, the aquarium, and support local businesses.

Our Faith

We attend a medium-sized Christian Church that is just in the neighboring town. They have an awesome Sunday School program that our nephews LOVE and an AMAZING worship team! They also have summer sports programs, activities, plays, etc., for the kids to be involved with over the Summer and Winter months. We feel we have a great community there and would love to have our child be a part of our Church Family as well.

Our Musical Interest

We may not be good at it, but we absolutely love to sing and dance! Noel was on a hip-hop dance team in high school and Caitlin danced since the age of 5. We listen to all types of music and typically have it playing in the kitchen while we're cooking or cleaning. Caitlin's Mom taught her a little on the piano and eventually she would like to learn more. We also appreciate the benefits music and instruments have on learning and would love to incorporate that into our child's education.

About Our Home & Neighborhood

Our home is a place of peace, acceptance, love, and support. We offer no judgment and our doors are always open to anyone in need. Whether it be a bed to sleep in or a cup of sugar, we will do what we can to help. We appreciate that we are both so giving and hope to instill this character trait in our kiddo as well.
The neighborhood is family-friendly, walking distance to school, and close to parks and biking trails. There are always kiddos playing outside and families taking their dogs for a walk. Since Noel has lived in the neighborhood since he was a kid, we know almost everyone on the surrounding blocks. It is a tight-knit, quiet, and safe community where everyone looks out for each other. We also live in the top-rated school district in the area so it's pretty popular for young families like ourselves.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

newborn to 2 years old


We would happily welcome twins!



Sibling Group

Yes! With the oldest up to two years old.

In Closing

Thank you for learning more about us! We look forward to growing our family and learning more about your vision for your baby's future. We will honor your wishes for however much contact you would like in the future and hope to help write the pages of your baby's beautiful story with you.

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