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A Letter from Samuel & Sabrina

A Letter from Samuel & Sabrina

We’re grateful that you are considering us as potential parents for your child. You will have the peace of mind in knowing that your child will be raised in a warm and nurturing environment with lots of love. We believe God has a purpose for all of us. It would be our joy to give your baby all the love and care a child needs in life.

About Us

Our story began when we met at church during a bible study. We have now been happily married for 22 years. During this span of time, we experienced infertility issues and adopted our son, Jabari. We both graduated from college and have had fulfilling careers. We’ve become more patient with life’s challenges because everything happens for a reason. We keep God as our foundation and the center of our marriage. We have learned to appreciate all the blessings in our lives. We enjoy making each other laugh and make family our top priority.

Meet Samuel, by Sabrina

Sam is a devoted husband and father. He spends quality time with me and Jabari daily. Most of the time he’s home from work before Jabari goes to bed so he can read a book and talk with him about his day. Sam enjoys watching science fiction movies, tinkering with electronics, reading books about historical figures, working on small science and technology projects with Jabari, and playing board games. In addition, he’s also passionate about building up the community through family-oriented programs, as well as through our local church. Sam loves to talk and uses that ability to preach and teach God’s word.

Sam is very thoughtful and always considers my feelings before making any decisions. He keeps in contact with his parents and siblings and is the oldest of three younger sisters. His love for travel makes him always ready for a family vacation! Sam can’t wait to raise another son or daughter.

Meet Sabrina, by Saumel

Sabrina’s a passionate person at heart and has a friendly and joyful spirit, always showing love to everyone she meets. She’s a caring wife and mother and takes the time to make us feel special. We love eating at home because her meals are so delicious! Sabrina has been teaching Jabari how to bake in the kitchen and he has learned a lot of creative skills from her. Sabrina made the decision to stop working so she could devote more time for family. She enjoys watching romantic comedy movies and documentaries, singing around the house, and putting her own creative routines together during dance aerobics.

She’s sincere in her faith in the Lord and reads her bible daily to keep her mind focused. She also teaches Sunday school and she mentors at-risk youth. She Keeps in contact with her family, especially her nieces and nephews, is a must for her. Sabrina loves children and desires another child to complete our family unit. 

Meet Jabari

Jabari is 8 years old and our creative genius with many gifts and talents. After many years of infertility, we were blessed to adopt him. Fortunately, we were present to witness his birth. We play board games together, he enjoys “playing Star Wars” with daddy, Tae Kwon Do practice, likes to paint, draw, and read books. Jabari enjoys playing in the dirt with his trucks and always has lots of fun with his friends on play dates. He has received several rewards at school and at church for his accomplishments and we are very proud of him. Jabari is excited about being a big brother! He talks about wanting to teach his little sister or brother everything he knows.

Our Florida Home

We live in a modest 3 bedroom Florida home with plenty of space for children to run around on the inside as well as the outside. We enjoy having family and friends over for backyard grilling and family activities. We always eat our meals together at the family table and watch family shows. Our neighborhood is quiet with friendly neighbors. We live in a semi-rural area within an hour of the beach.

Our Promise

We promise to love and nurture your child and to fulfill his or her purpose in the Lord. We will also encourage, guide and support him or her in the opportunities provided to them. We are open to visits and sending pictures and letters. If you would like to include our family in your adoption plan, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Samuel & Sabrina

  Samuel Sabrina
Our EducationBachelor of Science: Electrical EngineeringBachelor of Science: Occupational Therapy
Our ProfessionsElectromagnetic Compatibility EngineerStay At Home Mom
Our Racial BackgroundAfrican-AmericanAfrican-American
Some of Samuel & Sabrina's Favorites
What is your favorite food?SeafoodAnything home cooked
What is your favorite dessert?Anything chocolateAnything home cooked
What is your hobby?I read science and technology books and watch moviesI have a passion for baking, music and movies.
What is your favorite music?ReggaeEasylistening, gospel and soul
What is your favorite movie?Star WarsThe Best Man
What is your favorite childhood memory?Family vacations in Chattanooga, TNFamily cookouts and crab boils
What is your favorite book?The Wind and the WillowsThose Who Wait
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Sam has a wealth of knowledge in science, history, and technology, which he shares with others. He also teaches Bible study classes at church. Sabrina enjoys community outreach programs and mentoring the youth. We believe in living a healthy, physical, and spiritual lifestyle. We love family gatherings.

Our Faith

We are faithful dedicated members of the Church of Christ. We worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who created us and all things.

Our Musical Interest

We listen to a variety of musical genres however our favorites include old-school R&B, easy listening, gospel, and reggae.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 1 year





Sibling Group

We are open to adopting a sibling group with the oldest up to 2 years old.

In Closing

We promise to love and nurture your child to fulfill his or her purpose in life. We will encourage and support the gifts and talents that are developed through the opportunities provided. We promise to provide the loving foundation your child needs to live a joyous and prosperous life. We are open to visits and sending pictures and letters. If you would like to include our family in your adoption plan, please contact us through Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

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