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A Letter from Joe & Colleen

We’re super excited to start the process for our second adoption! We can’t wait for our son to have the special experience of adopting a new brother or sister, a bond we know will stay strong forever. We’re looking forward to all the great memories we’re going to make with our growing family. We dream of fun vacations like trips to Disney World, adventurous hikes, boat rides in New England, and simple pleasures like visiting museums, parks, and short trips to the beach.

Ultimately, your comfort is most important. We’re totally open to keeping in touch as much as you want.

About Us

Throughout our ten-year marriage, joy has always been with us. We built our relationship on a strong friendship, combining our common interests with our unique differences. Our road to becoming parents was filled with challenges due to infertility, but we found happiness when we adopted our son in May 2019. We’ve developed a special bond with his birth mother and her family. Even though we live far apart, we came together to celebrate his birth and the wonderful gift of adoption.

As a family, we value spending time together and always make sure it happens, no matter where it is—whether it’s close to home or in nearby places like Connecticut, Vermont, New York City, or even as far as Long Island. Our shared experiences are filled with laughter from watching stand-up comedy shows in the city, cozy nights at home with pizza and comfy clothes, and fun dinner dates trying new restaurants.

We truly appreciate the wonderful lifestyle that New England provides, and we can’t wait to have more adventures with our growing family.

About Colleen

Growing up in Massachusetts, Colleen found her talent for Irish Step Dance early on. This skill led her to compete in contests all over the country and even internationally. Today, as a mom, Colleen fully commits herself to our son, showing him love and care every day.

Colleen’s days are filled not only with the energetic beats of Irish Step Dance, where she helps young dancers gain confidence and find joy, but also with the peaceful moments of reading funny books or watching light-hearted TV shows like Judge Judy. Her creative side really shows when she’s doing arts and crafts with our son.

Colleen’s friends know her for her patience, kindness, and her ability to tell captivating stories, which makes everyone love her. She’s excited to share her family traditions and holiday celebrations from her childhood with our next child. More than that, Colleen helps us remember to enjoy the little things in life, whether it’s stopping to smell flowers or daring to dream big.

About Joe

Joe always puts his family first, showing endless dedication as a husband and dad to our son. He enjoys life’s unexpected moments, cherishing the experiences, memories, and diverse people he meets along the way. As the proud owner of a facility that trains high school and college athletes, he’s passionate about more than just physical training; he loves mentoring these young athletes, teaching them important life lessons.

When he’s not at his facility, Joe loves to write about things he’s passionate about and enjoys lively discussions with new friends from around the world. He also enjoys doing various tasks around the yard, finding happiness in these simple, hands-on activities.

Joe, a thoughtful man who loves life’s simple pleasures, is eager to pass on important values like friendship, leadership, and independence to our kids. He’s excited about the idea of welcoming another child to share these values and happiness with.

Our Family

Our four-year-old son is full of energy and can’t wait to become a big brother. His sense of humor brightens our everyday lives, and his never-ending curiosity, driven by his love for learning, constantly inspires us. He started his educational journey when he was three, going to full-day school. He loves learning, both in school and through exploring the world around him. We believe sibling relationships are special, and we look forward to seeing our kids grow, learn, and develop a strong bond.

Our extended family, including parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins, live in various parts of New England, and a few are in New York and Oklahoma. We rotate where we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas every year, but we stay connected daily through shared photo albums and group chats!

We value the close relationship we’ve kept with our son’s birth mother, regularly updating her with pictures, videos, and stories about his growth and development.

Our Home in Massachusettes

We live in a charming, close-knit town in Massachusetts where everyone values community spirit. Our large, ten-room colonial home is perfectly located. We’re right in the middle of a food lover’s dream, halfway between the delicious Italian food of Providence and the incredible steak and seafood in Boston. Plus, a bunch of kids’ attractions like zoos, water parks, and children’s museums are just a short drive away.

Our community highly values education. There’s an elementary school only a quarter mile away, the middle school is just half a mile, and the high school is two miles away – all in one of the top-ranked school districts in the state.

Our kids will have their own private bedrooms right next to each other, creating the perfect mix of togetherness and privacy. Our home is made for spending quality time as a family. Whether we’re playing in our large fenced-in yard, cuddling by the warm fireplace in our sunlit living room, or hosting family barbecues and outdoor movie nights on our back deck, there are so many chances for us to make special memories together.

Our Promise

Thank you for considering us as potential parents for your wonderful child. We believe in the perfect timing of the universe and know that every step has led us to this point, ready to give another child all the love and care we have to offer.

Our large, loving family can’t wait to welcome your child. We hold adoption in high regard, seeing it as a sign of courage, faith, and love. In our home, your child will find a supportive environment, grounded in faith. We’ll promote exploration, learning, and personal growth, helping them become respectful, responsible people. Keeping an open line of communication with you is a priority for us, always considering your comfort level and wishes. This journey is so important, and we feel truly privileged that you’re thinking about us for this critical role in your child’s life. We pray for God’s blessings to guide you during this time. We hope to welcome your child into our family with open arms.


Colleen and Joe

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1-800-923-6784

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  Joe Colleen
Our EducationBachelor's Degree in Sports Medicine, Master's Degree in BusinessDoctorate Degree in Physical Therapy
Our ProfessionsSports MedicinePhysical Therapist
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Joe & Colleen's Favorites
Favorite FoodPizza and Chicken WingsBaked Potato
Favorite HolidayThanksgiving!Christmas!
Favorite SmellFresh cut grassFresh baked cookies
Favorite MovieRudy - Proof you can do anything you put your mind to!Dirty Dancing - Love always prevails!
Favorite BookQuiet - the power of an introvertBossy Pants by Tina Fey
Favorite Sports TeamNew York YankeesBoston Red Sox
Favorite activity to do on weekendsEnjoy our home with family!Enjoy our home with family!
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Colleen holds a profound affection for Irish Step Dancing, which has always been close to her heart. She cherishes the memories of performing on wooden floors and the lifelong friendships she developed through this art form. Meanwhile, Joe's fascination with meteorology runs deep, and he has always harbored a dream of becoming a weatherman. He enjoys testing his skills by trying to predict the weather days and weeks in advance, even to this day.

Our Faith

Although we were both raised Catholic, our parents gave us the freedom to determine our own level of engagement with our faith. Colleen was brought up attending church every Sunday, while Joe typically only attended Easter and Christmas mass. However, after meeting Colleen, Joe rediscovered his faith and began attending church more regularly. We started attending Sunday mass together, often making it a fun day out by enjoying brunch in the city beforehand. We continue to maintain a close relationship with the priest who officiated our wedding and make every effort to attend church whenever our schedules permit.

A Letter from Our First Birth Mother

My adoption journey has been a blessing, as I have had the privilege of witnessing my child thrive in a loving, nurturing, and supportive environment. Joe and Colleen have gone above and beyond in providing Padraig with a life filled with joy, wonder, stability, and security that surpasses anything I could have hoped for. They regularly send me photo and video updates, allowing me to witness firsthand the compassionate and happy home that Padraig is being raised in, with love and acceptance regardless of circumstances. Joe and Colleen have welcomed not just my child, but also me and my family, into their lives with open arms, and I will always be grateful for their kindness and humility. ~A.

More About Our Home

Our home is our palace, where we love to unwind by the cozy fireplace and indulge in binge-watching shows like Master Chef, Hell's Kitchen, and Bar Rescue. In the summer months, we spend warm evenings on the deck with ice-cold tea and cheeseburgers in hand. And when snowstorms hit, we turn up the heat, snuggle up under blankets, and enjoy the warmth and comfort of being together as a family.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 2 years old






Yes, with oldest up to 2 years

In Closing

Thank you so much for considering our profile, and for the time and thought you've given to this journey. We want you to know that we are wholeheartedly dedicated to providing your child with boundless love and utmost care. We believe in the miracle of adoption. We promise that your child will be welcomed with open arms into our loving family. Together, we strive to foster a nurturing environment rooted in faith, yet one that also encourages freedom and individuality. We are committed to helping your child grow, learn, and blossom into a respectful and successful young individual. We would be deeply honored to welcome your child into our home and hearts, and we're hopeful about the opportunity to grow our family with your blessing. Thank you again for considering us in your search for loving and dedicated parents for your child. With heartfelt gratitude, Colleen and Joe

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