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A Letter from Chris & Casey

Hello! We are overjoyed to be able to introduce ourselves to you and tell you a little about our family of five. We’re an energetic, fun-loving family that enjoys:

-being outdoors
-learning new things
-exploring wherever ever we go
-playing disc golf
-going on family homeschool field trips

Adoption has always been a part of how we want to grow our family! We are so excited and ready to welcome your child into our home!  We’re blessed to live near both of our extended families, who are loving, encouraging, and so very supportive. We want to get to know you and learn what important traditions and things you desire us to pass along as your child grows up. We will love not only your child but you too!

What Makes Us, "US"

We have been married for 11 years and have 3 wonderful children- Lincoln (8), Adalynn (6), and Gideon (1).  We met at a Thanks-Christmas party 12 years ago and have been together ever since! On our first date, we talked about everything under the sun, part of which was that we each shared that we desired to adopt one day. We are so excited to meet you and get to know one another!

We have several hobbies we like to do together and as a family!

~Do-it-yourself projects of all kinds!
~Playing board games!
~Family read-aloud time!
~Watching Dude Perfect Videos!
~Going on adventures!

Our children are surrounded by family, and friends who love them so deeply! Your child will be loved, cared for, given a well-rounded education and the togetherness of a strong and tightly knit family. After all, the family that adventures together, grows together!

Meet Casey

Chris captured my heart long ago and has kept it ever since. He is a man’s man, full of drive and action to accomplish the goals he sets before himself. He can balance his drive with a patient, soft and tender side. Whether in the great outdoors or on the basketball court at the nearby park, he enjoys sharing an adventure with family and friends.

Chris loves to:
-Hunting for big game
– Mountain biking
-Woodworking crafts and furniture
-Backpack in the wilderness
-Travel to new and favorite places

Chris is an amazing father; you can see that by looking into our children’s eyes when daddy is home. The way they light up for him shows pure love, affection, and adoration. Chris loves fiercely, and I know he will love your child with that same fierceness.

Meet Chris

It’s a privilege to briefly share why I am a blessed man. On top of being my best friend, Casey is an amazing mother, a constant source of encouragement, and a loving helper. She’s one of the most creative and bold people I know.

Casey loves to:

-Sew clothes and toys
-Hosting Tea Parties
-Make new things from old furniture
-Read mystery novels
– Tend our house plants and garden

The sheer passion she lives life with and her genuine and infectious personality has been a blessing to me, our children, and everyone she meets. Casey will wholeheartedly love your baby and constantly show them and tell them they are cherished and loved beyond measure!

Our Children

Our children, Lincoln, Adalynn, and Gideon, are such a blessing! They play very well together and have a special and beautiful sibling bond. We are confident that when their new little brother or sister arrives, they will form a strong relationship with him/her as well! They pray every night for their sibling-to-be!

Lincoln (8) is our budding engineer! He loves to figure out how and why things work and think through problems and situations.  He currently enjoys playing on his soccer team and going to soccer tournaments. Lincoln loves the outdoors and is always up for a hike, camping, or just exploring the mountains as a family.

Adalynn (6) is our creative one! She loves to make gifts and artwork for people and has worked hard to learn how to sew and make needlepoint pictures. She loves being a big sister and is excited to dote on our next child.
Gideon (1) is such a sweet and joyful little boy. Smiles come easily to his face, he loves peek-a-boo and stories read to him. Especially if it is by his big brother or sister. We’re excited to see the bond that will grow between him and our next child!

Our Home Sweet Home in New Mexico

We have a bright, 4-bedroom home with lots of room to live life in! There is a charming and fun backyard for your child to play in with their siblings and use their imagination. We also have a nursery and a room for them to transition into once they are older. Since we knew that we always wanted to adopt, we made sure to have the ability and room to do so when we bought this house! We live just a short walk away from a few great parks, and an amazing library we visit at least once a week replenishing our stack of books! We have wonderful neighbors around us and live only a couple of streets away from our best friends!

Our Promise to You

We promise to cherish your child and to be devoted parents to his or her individual needs. We promise to give your child a diverse and well-rounded education and will provide every opportunity to explore his/her passions. We promise to give your child a house full of love, joy, and laughter and always to support, encourage, and be there for them – no matter what.

We look forward to getting to know you and sharing with you updates about your child at your comfort level.

We look forward to meeting you! To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Chris & Casey

  Chris Casey
Our EducationBachelor of Science in PsychologyBachelor of Science in Signed Language Interpreting
Our ProfessionsOwn's and operates several Accounting firms. In addition to being an entrepreneur in Real Estate.Stay at home mama!
Stay-At-HomeNo - Very Flexible HoursYes!
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Chris & Casey 's Favorites
BookThe Adventures of Sherlock HolmesRedeeming Love
HobbiesWoodworking & DIY Projects, Pick-up Sports, and Camping.Baking with the kids, sewing, and having tea parties.
MovieRemember the TitansThe Princess Bride
DessertGerman Chocolate CakeNeapolitan Bundt Cake
AnimalMountain LionKoala
Board GameSettlers of CatanDominion
More About Our Family
A typical day in our home involves ....

-Reading out loud together
-Crafts of all kinds
-Plenty of hugs and kisses
-Lots of love and laughter
-Seeking out adventures
-Inventing delicious recipes
-Backyard sports and flying kites

Our Faith

We are Christians, saved by grace alone. Our daily walk with God consists of reading His word, both separately and together as we discuss what we've read and encourage one another in the word. We pray together and encourage one another with verses and songs that we ourselves have been reminded of when a trial of some kind comes. Our daily walk is a constant quest to submit our lives whole hardheartedly to the will of God as we seek to follow His will for our lives. We live our life to the best we can, using our talents and abilities to glorify Him in all things in light of this present life with a longing for eternity with Him.

Our Family and Friends

Our extended family is one of our top priorities in life. Our family is close, supportive, and full of love. We cherish our relationships with them and love being able to see them regularly. We both have been raised and blessed with tight, close-knit families. Both sides live in town and are loving and supportive. Everyone one of them is excited to welcome your child into the family - sharing all of our fun and crazy traditions with your little one!
We have four nephews and three nieces, all within a few years of each other. It is joyful and such a blessing that the children are all going to grow up together. Each and every one of our family members are excited about our adoption journey ahead and look forward to including your child in all of our fun.

Another huge pillar in our lives is our strong friend base. We have been blessed to be surrounded by a strong Christian community of friends. They're always there for our family. They keep us accountable and focused on our relationship with Christ. We have a very deep, yet fun-loving, relationship with our friends. We can be very silly together but ultimately lift each other up and point one another back to Christ in all things. This group of amazing friends all has kids close in age to ours! This baby will never lack built-in playmates and good, strong Christian influences in his/her life.

Some of our holiday traditions!

On Easter, we have a hunt to find the golden egg! Whoever finds it first is the winner of the hunt! It is not about how many eggs you gather but rather how many tricky ones you can find! Making resurrection rolls with lunch, a croissant that you place a marshmallow in the middle of before baking. So that it melts away, and you are left with a hollow roll to represent the empty tomb of Jesus.

4th of July, there is one of those unspoken bets on who can bring the biggest fireworks or make the loudest bang! Water play and swimming is always a must! There is always so much amazing BBQ, Aunt Jodi's potato salad, and lots of sweet treats to keep the day cool and fun all day long!

On Christmas Eve, we have a family wide White Elephant gift exchange! To determine what order the gifts are taken in, there is a paper-snow-ball-fight! Whatever number is on the paper snowball you grab or have in hand at the end of the timer is your designated position. We also have one gift that come back year after year... A gourd that has been hollowed out and shaped and pained to look like corgi dog. Most of the efforts are made in disguising the gifts and making prank gifts in order to trick someone else in to selecting this "gourd-ie" gift. and not take it home...Unlike us for the past 3 years...

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of child

Newborn to 12 months old


Either gender!

In Closing

Thanks for getting to know us a bit! We can't wait to learn about you! What your favorites and dislikes are. Building a relationship that you feel comfortable and happy in. With joy filled hearts and lots of hope in the future, Chris and Casey 🙂

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